Lucy Whitaker – WetBrush: What’s The Hype?

Whether your hair is long or short, fine or coarse, curly or straight, I bet there has been a time that you have felt that your hair was just unruly and something you couldn’t handle. You looked in the mirror staring at your tangled mess of a mane, without a clue on how to fix it. You grabbed your Conair hairbrush and began tugging at your head. With tears building up in your eyes you yanked on the brush in an attempt to fix this mess. You pause. This is where the solution comes in. You’ve heard about the WetBrush but simply do not understand what is so special about this product. You ask yourself, “what could be so different about this hairbrush compared to mine?” The answer to this question is unknown, honestly, as even Paulina Wollschlager mentioned in her blog post raving about the product, she noted: “I don’t know what kind of sorcery this is, but my hair brushes out so quickly with no pain and no more tangles.” (Wollschlager). Let’s get into what steps this hairbrush up another level compared to other brands. WetBrushes are one of the top-rated hair brush brands there are these days according to Byrdie (Holland and Anello). They are so world renowned because of their ability to effortlessly untangle hair without snags, their versatility through hair types, and their reasonably affordable prices.

If one piece of criteria sets this product above everything else, it’s most definitely the way the WetBrush can effortlessly untangle hair. Through my own experience and others, the results are truly shocking. I asked myself what exactly made this product untangle my hair better than others. Through research, I found that Wet Brushes have what they call “Intelliflex Bristles.” The bristles are “firm yet soft and covered with their other invention, SofTips. The bristles are said to know when to be firm enough to pull through the tangles, yet be soft enough not to get caught and rip through the hair” (Wollschlager). With this in mind, it is concluded that because of these scientific methods of untangling, there is “45% less breakage and 55% less effort” (WetBrush). I can completely attest to this belief too, as I saw completely different results with a plain Conair hairbrush that ranges for the same prices as the WetBrush. I would have to tug and pull at my hair to get the brush through and I would see a lot of hair fallout because of it. This hairbrush not only avoids breaking your hair while brushing, but it helps prevent damage that typically occurs when people brush their hair wet or dry (Hailey). The WetBrush stands out immensely from all other brushes I have ever used, mostly because of the technology it uses to minimize hair breakage and pain.

One of the most shocking things about WetBrush hair brushes is their versatility through hair lengths, textures, and thicknesses. This hairbrush is meant for any and every hair type, as they promote on their website, “pain-free brushing for every occasion and hair type” (WetBrush). Not only does the original WetBrush have all of the capabilities to perform perfectly through all hair types, but there are also tons of other brushes that WetBrush makes, such as, “the WetBrush pro detangler, pro paddle detangler, pro shine enhancer brush, thick hair detangler brush, etc” (Hailey). Every other hair brush that I have used after buying my WetBrush has been an automatic shock to me. After realizing how effortless this process of brushing can be, I concluded just how much of a difference this brush makes in my life. Instead of spending twenty minutes unknotting my hair from a long day, it takes less than five minutes. It also works through my friend with super curly hair, just as well as it does through mine, which is another one of its key selling points. The ability of this brush to not only detangle through hair without a problem but to be able to do this with any hair type is outstanding from other hairbrushes on the market.

Since WetBrushes are so well-known and of such high quality, you would think that they would sell for a way higher price than its competitors, yet, you would be wrong. WetBrushes start at $6 and only exceed to around $14.99. One of WetBrushes’ competitors, the DryBar Lemon Drop Detangler Brush, sells for $20 and has very similar selling points to the WetBrush. The impeccable results of this brush, plus the affordable price makes this hairbrush completely irresistible, having buyers ask themselves “why wouldn’t I buy it?” Since prices range from around $6 to $10-$15, “overall, you definitely won’t be breaking the bank buying these brushes, especially considering how much it’s saving you from buying damage repair products” (Hailey). This product is also very easy to find in stores, as it can be bought on Amazon, in Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, Ulta, and Walgreens (WetBrush). The accessibility of this product is another important factor in that other hair brushes like the DryBar brush, or Aveda Paddle Brush are mostly only sold at salons that sell their other products, leaving customers blank when they forget their favorite brush at home during an important trip. WetBrushes can be found just about anywhere, allowing anyone to be able to purchase one and have their mind blown by the wonders it does!

Although this brush is truly top of the line, some non-believers of this product could still ask, “but really how much of a difference does it really make from my hairbrush?” Hailey from FeelingGoodAsHail, directly answers this concern, “The Wet Brush is made for both wet and dry hair. It is gentle enough to use on dry hair without any yanking or pulling, causing potential damage, yet can still get out the large tangles.” She continues with, “This is what makes the Wet Brush brush so special compared to traditional hair brushes that pull and tug at your hair, leaving it damaged and broken. It’s meant to provide a comfortable experience when brushing your hair. We all know what it’s like to have tears in our eyes after trying to get a knot out of our hair! No more of that with the Wet Brush” (Hailey). Hailey is not alone in this thought, as “almost 80% of people who bought this hair brush and reviewed it on Amazon have given it 5 stars. The total rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars” (Buzzcut Guide Team). Actress Jennifer Aniston has been a hair icon since “The Rachel” made its debut on Friends in the ’90s. Her “silky and lustrous mane” has remained significant in the beauty world. When she launched her hair care brand, when she gave her Instagram followers an inside look at how she uses each of her products, her hairbrush stole the show. The hairbrush in question was the WetBrush Pro Flex Dry hairbrush (Alnuweiri). The idea that a celebrity uses a hairbrush that sells for only $10 shows just how good this brush truly is. With more than “2,000 five-star Amazon ratings across three different color versions of the brush, however, explain that the $10 Wet Brush is not just any old product” (Alnuweiri). Overall, through thorough research and data, it can be concluded that the WetBrush is one of the best, if not the best detangling hairbrush for any hair type, at an affordable price range in today’s age.

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